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Wyoming Seadragons Swim Team FAQ’s

How do I know if my kid should be in Junior Seadragons vs. Seadragons (age group)?
Junior Seadragons is designed to help bridge the gap between swim lessons and competitive swimming.  Swimmers should be able to swim and be comfortable in the water unassisted, but may need to gain more confidence and learn breathing/stroke techniques. For Junior Seadragons, Coaches are in the water more assisting and directing swimmers.  Seadragon swimmers can typically swim freestyle and backstroke, might be learning the techniques of breast stroke and butterfly, and are working on their dive starts and flip turns.  Seadragon coaches generally direct from the deck, with some water time to demonstrate drills/technique. If referencing the levels for Swim Lessons through the Wyoming Rec Center, the level preference for regular Seadragon swimmers is Octopus; for Junior Seadragons, Jellyfish.

What if my kid doesn't know all the strokes? Swimming is a highly technical sport. Swimmers join a summer swim team with a wide range of abilities. Our coaches will make their best effort to ensure your swimmers learn the strokes at the level appropriate for their ages. Please note, the summer swim season is a very short 7 weeks, and many of the nuances of proper techniques take months and sometimes years to achieve. Swimmers will be assessed at the beginning of the season, and placed within the appropriate practice groups.

When are the swim meets? There is one exhibition meet and 7 regular meets in the summer season. Regular season meets are held on Tues and/or Thurs evenings. The full schedule is posted on the website. Swimmers must have competed in at least 2 regular swim meets in order to qualify for the end of the season Championship Meet. The Championship Meet brings the whole Northern Suburban Swim League together. The 2022 Championships will be held July 18/19 at Evendale, so be sure to mark your calendar! This is the season highlight and goal meet. You want to your swimmers make their best times and have fun during Championships. More details about Championships will be provided as we get closer to the date.

How do I sign my kid up for meets? Sign in to the team website, then click the "Attend/Decline" button next to each meet, to sign your swimmer up. Be sure to DECLINE those meets you know you will not be able to attend.

Will there be a Kickoff Meeting? The Team Kickoff Meeting will be at the Wyoming Recreation Center on Wednesday, May 11 from 6:00 - 8:00pm. This will be your chance to meet the coaches and other parents, order team suits, and get lots of information about the Seadragons.

What kind of gear do my kids need for swim? The gear is pretty simple. Cap, goggles, a swim suit and a towel are all you need to get started. Caps are provided by the team, practice suits can be picked up at any swim outlet (other stores work too). “Official” team suits can be ordered at the Kickoff Meeting/Team Suit fitting. At the meets, swimmers should wear their official team suit or any one-piece Navy suit.

Will there be a parent meeting? Two Parent Information Sessions have already been hosted. If you missed these meetings or have a question that isn’t answered on this FAQ list or on the website reach out to April Robles, Parent Board President at roblesad@gmail.com or 513-259-4613.

Will I need to volunteer at the meet or events? YES!! Swim Meets typically require lots of parent involvement, from officials and timers, to moms and dads and grandparents to help assist the younger swimmers in getting to their races. It is truly a family sport. Job signups will open at the beginning of the season. You can sign up by clicking the "job signup" button next to each meet.  Each family will be required to volunteer at least 3 times during the season. More information about worker assignments and how to sign up for slots will be provided at the Kickoff Meeting.

When do we meet the coaches? Coaches will be available for meet & greet/questions at the Kickoff Meeting on Wednesday, May 111 from 6:00 - 8:00pm at the Wyoming Rec Center. If the weather is nice, we will be on deck by the pool (but the pool is not officially open). If the weather is not cooperative, we will be in the gym. Be sure to mark your calendars!

When does the season start? For 2022: First practice is Tuesday, May 31st. The full practice schedule for each group can be found by clicking the Practice Schedules Tab on the website.

See you at the pool!!!! 

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