Wyoming Seadragons - One Last End of the Summer Update

Hello Seadragon Families!  I hope you all are savoring the last days of summer. Sorry, you do get one more message from me.  

Following up from the End of the Season Celebration, the Parent Board is helping to distribute ribbons and awards that were left in the family files. They should land on your doorstep this week. Congrats for a great season!

View the End of the Season Slide Show and play along with your favorite summer tunes.
Congrats to our awards winners.  The biggest theme for all these swimmers were their hard work, dedication, leadership, support for their teammates and openness for feedback/readiness to improve.

Swim/Age GroupAwardName
Junior SeadragonsMost ImprovedNova Belarski
Junior SeadragonsMost ImprovedJohn Reed
Junior SeadragonsSeadragon SpiritEllie Schlussel
Junior SeadragonsSeadragon SpiritJesse Roebuck
Junior SeadragonsCoachesAva Cordes
Junior SeadragonsCoachesNoah Tilden
8 & Under Age GroupMost ImprovedEvan Keen
8 & Under Age GroupMost ImprovedGracie Dillhoff
8 & Under Age GroupSeadragon SpiritScarlett Mathews
8 & Under Age GroupSeadragon SpiritNolan Blindauer
8 & Under Age GroupCoachesWolfgang Schreiner
8 & Under Age GroupCoachesEva Kunnen
9-10 Age GroupMost ImprovedBryce Jutte
9-10 Age GroupMost ImprovedYandy Bryant
9-10 Age GroupSeadragon SpiritAxel Schreiner
9-10 Age GroupSeadragon SpiritClare Dreyer
9-10 Age GroupCoachesTyler Gilbert
9-10 Age GroupCoachesAada Lazarus
11-12 Age GroupMost ImprovedSekani Nkhata
11-12 Age GroupMost ImprovedMax Kunnen
11-12 Age GroupSeadragon SpiritMaya Anderson
11-12 Age GroupSeadragon SpiritManny Brissie
11-12 Age GroupCoachesHusdon Tedder
11-12 Age GroupCoachesAinsley Wendel
13-14 Age GroupMost ImprovedLucy Sharpe
13-14 Age GroupSeadragon SpiritBella Lockaby
13-14 Age GroupCoachesRebecca Brink
13-14 Age GroupCoachesJoseph Snyder
15 & Over Age GroupMost ImprovedMaggie Galvin
15 & Over Age GroupMost ImprovedRJ Robles
15 & Over Age GroupSeadragon SpiritEva Robles
15 & Over Age GroupCoachesSophie Chow
15 & Over Age GroupCoachesMarc Chow

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